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Conditions regarding subscriptions / recurring payments at Internetbureau gett B.V.

If a subscription is chosen for products, a payment must first be made, consisting of:

  • One-time setup costs . These costs may vary and are indicated on the product page.
  • Cost of the first month of the contract . These costs may vary and are indicated on the product page.

Single payment option

If we opt for a one-off payment via iDeal, Bank Transfer or Bancontact, we will contact you with the question whether we can collect automatically during the contract period. If this is not the case, you will receive an invoice every month with the costs for the following month. This must be paid before the following month so that we can plan work for the next month. If the invoice is not paid in time, no work will be carried out (possibly in consultation).

If the product concerns a website or webshop, a penalty of 5% per month will be charged over the monthly amount for each payment that is left behind. This will be billed separately. Billing of the fine can be invoiced monthly or in one go at the end of the contract term.

Choice for direct debit

By paying the first payment, permission is granted to Internetbureau gett B.V. granted to execute monthly direct debit payments during the contract period , which is mentioned on the product page. This collection will be the monthly amount that is stated for the delivered product on the relevant product page.

The direct debit will be made to the account used to make the first payment.

End contract

If you want to cancel the contract earlier, you can do so by buying off the rest of the contract term in its entirety + a fine of 5% of the total amount that would ultimately be paid during the contract term.

As an example: a 24-month contract has been concluded for a monthly amount of € 100. After 12 months it is desired to terminate the contract for any reason. In this case the remaining 12 months (12 * 100 = € 1200) + a fine of 5% of the total amount (24 * 100 = 2400 * 0.05 = € 120) will have to be paid. In the case of this example, an amount of € 1320 will therefore have to be paid to Internetbureau gett B.V.