Gett WordPress maintenance
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Gett WordPress maintenance

1x, 2x or 4x per month (usually on Monday) we check and carry out the updates within your WordPress website.

The functioning of the website is randomly checked after the updates have been carried out.
If a problem is detected after updating, we will restore a backup.
Then the necessary work will be explained.

If work takes less than 1 hour these are carried out immediately without consultation. and the time spent will be charged.

If the work takes more time, we will send a separate proposal for the work to be carried out in advance, in order to be able to carry out the update. > All work will be carried out at our standard hourly rate of € 95, - excl. VAT, unless a strip card with hours has been purchased in advance that still has time available.

  • 1 x per month
  • 2 x per month
  • 4 x per month
€25.00 (tax incl.) €25.00 (tax excl.)
Tax excluded

Small blogs as well as large multinationals choose to build their websites with WordPress. This makes sense, because it is a very flexible platform to build sites. It offers immediate access to almost endless designs and functionalities in the shape of plugins.

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