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Do you want to rank high in search engines thanks to gett’s SEO Off Page link building?

Our SEO specialists love to help you build a strong, relevant link profile. With our SEO Off Page package, we’ll add relevant links on a monthly basis and publish well-written, interesting blogs.


€ 295

  • 4 SEO backlinks per month
  • 2 blogs per month published internally/externally
  • Conditions:
    Max. 5 keywords
    Max. 3 landing pages


€ 495

  • 8 SEO backlinks per month
  • 3 blogs per month published internally/externally
  • Conditions:
    Max. 10 keywords
    Max. 4 landing pages


€ 795

  • 12 SEO backlinks per month
  • blogs per month published internally/externally
  • 2 hours On Page SEO
  • Conditions:
    Max. 20 keywords
    Max. 5 landing pages


  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Pro
€495.00 (tax incl.) €495.00 (tax excl.)
Tax excluded

The gett SEO Off Page package (mainly focused on link building and blogging) is the ideal package to increase your online shop’s authority based on the search words that matter to you. We will outline your online market opportunities based on thorough analysis and extensive keyword research. Armed with this data, we’ll get to work. We'll place relevant and qualitative backlinks to help you rank higher on the keywords you’ve chosen.

We'll also write blogs for you in this SEO Off Page package. Blogging is one of the best ways to increase the organic findability of your business or e-commerce website. External blogs to add more link juice (link value) and attract more visitors. Internal blogs to help visitors stay a little longer on your site and to make Google happy (because Google really values sites that regularly publish useful, relevant content).

​What does the SEO Off Page package consist of?

  • An analysis of your website or online shop to outline the market opportunities.
  • A preliminary keyword research to determine which keywords are interesting for your company.
  • Realising qualitative backlinks that will help you rank higher in Google.
  • Publishing blogs on external sites to increase your organic findability.
  • Writing blogs you can publish on your own website or online shop.
  • Monthly analysis and monitoring of results.
  • Writing (and/or translating) in Dutch, English, German and French.


  • Minimum contract term: 6 months.
  • Monthly or yearly payment.

​Which SEO Off Page package suits you?

Every company has different online needs. That's why gett offers you 3 different SEO Off Page packages. Do you know which one suits you, or would you like our help choosing? You can always call or e-mail us with any questions about our products. And please, don’t forget to check out our SEO On Page product. If you combine On Page with Off Page, you’ll really have your SEO in perfect working order!

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